Frequently Asked Questions

Is there internet or Wi-Fi?

Yes –  DSL has finally arrived in our area, however, not every property has it (ask us which properties do).  Wi-Fi is also available in Maple Falls and Chair 9 in Glacier.  Please plan accordingly * Not responsible for any down times.

How far is it to the ski area?

All accommodations are located in the Glacier Area, which is approximately 25 minutes to the ski area, depending on traffic and weather conditions. It is all National Forest east of Glacier, to the ski area.

How are the roads?

Always be prepared for winter driving in the Mt Baker Wilderness, especially in the winter.  All wheel or 4 wheel drive vehicles are recommended.  The Mt Baker Ski Area will sometimes require chains, to reach the ski area.  It’s a good idea to have them with you, so you don’t get turned around.  The Mt Baker Highway or SR 542 is maintained by the state.  The roads inside Snowline, Mt Baker Rim and Snowater Communities are maintained by each community. We do our best to keep driveways, walkways and porches cleared, using our Snowblower, snow shovels, ice melt and sand.

Will there be snow in winter at the cabin or condo?

We never know what Mother Nature has in store, we can have a dusting over night or 4′ of snow like we did this year 2017! * Be prepared.

Is there sledding near by?

For customer and public safety, Mt. Baker Ski Area strictly prohibits sledding and snow play within ski area boundaries. Sledding and snow play may be exercised at your own risk on National Forest Service Land, located outside the ski area. For more info, contact the Sedro-Woolley Forest Service at 360-856-5700.

Do we supply condiments, such as salt, pepper, etc.?

No – Due to Health Department Regulations, we are not allowed to supply any food items. The local stores will have what you need.

Are there Restaurants in Glacier?

Yes.  There are currently 2 eateries in Glacier (Chair 9,  and the Wake ‘n Bakery).  Please contact them directly for hours of operation, especially during off seasons, as their hours can vary.

Are there any properties that are “ski in/ski out”?

No. The Mt. Baker Ski area is for day use only.

Do cell phones work in Glacier?

Cell phone service is spotty.  Depending on your carrier.  They do work in Maple Falls,  or the Ski Area.

Is there cable or satellite?

There is no cable in the Glacier area. Some locals have satellite, but it is not available for the majority.

Are there grocery stores?

There are no large grocery stores in the area, but their are plenty of smaller ones to pick up last minute items – Graham’s Store, Crossroads Market, and of course the Fuelie in Maple Falls. Otherwise, you may want to stop in Bellingham, or fill up your coolers at home, or on the way.

Is there a Liquor Store?

There is a liquor selection at the Fuelie (Chevron Station) in Maple Falls

What else is there to do in the area (winter and summer)?

Exploring! Snowmobile, snowshoe, hike, mountain bike, river rafting, road bike, kayaking, fishing, exploring, gold panning, and more . .